Saturday, July 23, 2005

Does the Left Blame the Loyal Opposition for 7/7?

When the left argues that the Bush-Blair Iraq policy provoked the London bombings, aren't they essentially "profiling" the perpetrators as otherwise loyal opponents of the invasion of Iraq? Isn't that the logical implication of eliminating from consideration any other seditious or existing jihadist motive?

Imagine the response if either Bush or Blair had been first to make the very same reductio ad absurdum argument: that loyal opposition to his Iraq policy should be the single best profiling characteristic used to pursue bombing suspects.

Saddam and Osama: The Missing Links

Baghdad Boogie. Who did Saddam Hussein turn to after President Clinton launched Operation Desert Fox? Thomas Joscelyn's The Four Day War looks down the international press memory hole, like it was 1999, to remind us who reported the links and even predicted Osama' s "boogie to Baghdad."