Saturday, November 08, 2008

Life Imitates South Park: British journalist covering Obama caught on camera in drunk, plagiarism rant

Adam Smith, of Birmingham Mail, is YouTube sensation after drunken 'F*ck you' resignation and admitting to copying BBC

Life does indeed imitate South Park.

Turns out you don't have to "go on down to South Park" to see somebody so emboldened by the Obama victory that he tells his boss F**k You!!!

Here's a short video clip from the hilarious post-election episode of South Park, "About Last Night." Obama's victory, mixed with beer, proves enough for Stan's father to muster the audacity needed to curse his boss. [Warning: F-word.]

Meanwhile, the UK TimesOnline reports how Birmingham Mail writer Adam Smith (a/k/a Steve Zacharanda) was captured in a YouTube video outside an Obama victory party (embed video @ 2:50/3:47).

Sometimes, you wake up following a drunken night out and realise you have sent an inappropriate text to an ex-girlfriend or your boss.

And sometimes you realise you have drunkenly admitted to plagiarism to camera, and spectacularly resigned from your job, shouting "F**k you' to your boss.

This is what happened to Birmingham Mail reporter Adam Smith on Wednesday morning, as footage appeared on YouTube of him writing a report on the US election, slumped on a Miami pavement, and barely able to speak.
Must be all that "change" in the air!

UPDATE: Great observation by The Tensor in the comments at ALTHOUSE.

The Tensor said...

My favorite part of the video, hands down (starts at about 1:37)

Q: So what do you think about the election Tuesday, about Obama?

A: I think it's brilliant, because...[five second hazy drunken pause]

A: ...I've met so many women over here and it's brilliant. I am a hard news journalist...

In vino veritas.

8:30 PM


Blogger 笨蛋 said...

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