Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Both sides now?

Speaking of how the sexes are treated differently, compare the following NutriSystems ads for women and men, and the reactions to them. Maybe you've seen them.

First, the reaction on "girlscantwhat.com" to a NutriSystems ad in which a women brags “now my husband calls me his trophy wife.”
Gretchen: Ugh. What a horrible way to be identified. I do not want my husband to be proud of me for how I look, I want him to be proud of me for who I am and the positive things I contribute to this world. Hello? What woman wouldn’t want that from a man?

Okay, the idea of an actual "trophy wife" is condescending, but to say figuratively that your first wife -- the mother of your children -- looks like a "trophy wife" is complimentary, isn't it?

Now, compare that to the other NutriSystems ad featuring John Kruk, 10-year pro baseball veteran.

My wife gave me one of the best reactions. She told me that since I've started losing weight on NutriSystem, I'm not as disgusting as I used to be (laughs), and that I'm not half-bad looking anymore. So whenever you can get compliments from the wife, something's working.
Can you imagine the reaction to that ad if it featured woman whose husband said she wasn't as "disgusting" as she used to be, and her reaction was to say "whenever you can get compliments from the husband, something's working"?

Need proof of the double standard, here's the exchange about this ad back on "girlscantwhat.com":

Anonymous: Their “men’s” version isn’t much better - all about how their sex life has improved. My favorite quote is “My wife doesn’t find me as disgusting as she used to.” My husband asked, “Does that mean she still finds him disgusting?” Yes, honey, it does. Losing a few pounds doesn’t suddenly mean you’re not a pig
Gretchen: I was going to post about the men’s side of it, too, but didn’t. Thanks for pointing it out.
Thanks indeed!


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