Friday, September 08, 2006

Reason Dems now want 9-11 movie pulled, not edited

Here's a thought about the new media technology and why the Demcrats now want ABC to cancel their 9-11 docu-drama instead of editing-out certain scenes: Think about how perfectly suited those selected scenes will be for broadcast on YouTube.

Cutting certain scenes is more enticing than canceling the entire broadcast. It identifies the forbidden fruit. A greater number of people are likely to invest the time needed to log-in just to see those scenes, rather than watch the entire video on DVD if its pulled from one-time broadcast on ABC. Redacted edits hosted on the Internet will be the most watched excerpts of the program, conveniently available "on demand."

What will the Dems do then? Can they ask ABC to exercise its copyright to enjoin YouTube and other sites posting the video excerpts? At what point will ABC look like it's "taking a cigar" for Clinton?

Plus, since the scenes are relatively brief and of public concern, will "fair use" privilege apply as a defense against copyright?

And who will mount the defense of that privilege? Tune in.


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