Sunday, November 20, 2005

Hypocrisy Alert: "Humane" Society Applauds Human "Torture" for Punishment and Profit

An Ohio judge ordered a woman to spend the night outside in the cold wilderness of northeast Ohio the day before Thanksgiving for abandoning some kittens outdoors. Torture?

Certainly, the treatment would be banned by the McCain amendment, if not the Geneva Conventions. Andrew Sullivan decried this type of "torture" in a recent post. As Sullivan quotes one soldier in Iraq: "It was very cold up in Mosul at that time, so we -- it was also raining a lot, so we would keep the prisoner outside, and they would have a polyester jumpsuit on and they would be wet and cold, and freezing."

I guess this Ohio woman better hope that it doesn't rain the night before Thanksgiving! (BTW, does an umbrella count as "shelter" under her sentence or the Geneva Conventions?)

Note, in Ohio this was meted out as punishment in retribution for abandoning some kittens outdoors, which is less justifiable than as a means of coercive interrogation of those suspected of involvement in an on-going conspiracy to kill soldiers and civilians.

Why do I get the feeling this woman will hear only crickets, if they are still able to chirp in the cold late November air, above the silence emanating from critics of the administration and even the "Humane Society" whose spokeswoman said "we're very pleasantly surprised by the sentence" and who "hoped the sentence would prompt donations to the Humane Society"!

And people call Bush and Cheney whacked! Can you imagine what would follow if the Republicans tried to use "torture" as a fund raising gimmick?


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